Frequently Asked Questions

What is actually offers share do?

Offers share is largest global affiliate network which creates the link between publisher and advertiser. We work as a network platform which provides sales to advertiser and money to publishers on the other side it will increases the sale as well.

How to startup affiliate business?

Just sign up with offers share platform as affiliate or publisher to start up your business in affiliate marketing. After that, we provide you campaigns and banners to advertise the product as well as we connect you with publishers to publish your banner.

Do I have to make an underlying venture or pay to utilize the administration? Would I be able to lose cash by working with you?

There is positively no cost related to the administration nor do you have to make any ventures. All you have to put is some of your chance keeping in mind the end goal to obtain the experience and information important to improve your activities and expand your benefits through Affiliate Marketing.

Are there any determinations that my site should coordinate?

All together for your site to be endorsed by the system, it should stick to the rules said in our terms and conditions. Aside from that, there are no other specialized or different details that a site should coordinate with a specific end goal to have the capacity to have affiliate joins. You can even utilize basic content connects to advance your most loved projects!!!

How frequently would I be able to change the creatives I utilize?

As frequently as you’d like! There is no dedication on your side as to which creatives of which programs you should utilize or for to what extent.

Do I pick which advertisers to advance?

Truly, you are 100% allowed to pick which advertisers and banner you need to promote on your site. You can put the advertisements you need on the sites you need (if they have been endorsed to run promotions) for whatever length of time that you need.

Do I need to be a PC virtuoso to be an affiliate?

Not in any manner! We make it as simple as feasible for you to be a Co-Kinetic affiliate. Essentially watch our tutorials’ for useful hints or in case you’re extremely stuck then simply give us a yell and we’ll gladly help!

My website isn't prepared yet. Would I be able to wind up an affiliate?

With a specific end goal to wind up an affiliate your website must get theendorsement. This is the reason we propose you round out the application frame simply after your website has gone live and is effectively driving movement. In any case, we can enable access to the stage in uncommon cases.

Why some of my pay-per-lead or deal exchanges are voided by an advertiser?

Commissions are paid for exchanges approved by the advertiser. A lead or deal exchange might be dismissed or declined by the advertiser for some reasons, for example, unfit lead, lead not getting changed over, wrong subtle elements, arrange cancelation and so forth.

How are deals followed from my site?

Once your application is acknowledged, you will be given a one of a kind affiliate ID and also uniquely designed connections that will guarantee that movement originating from your site is appropriately followed. We keep up a particular day cookie term, implying that if a guest taps on a connection from your site, you will be acknowledged with the deal as long as the guest buys inside those particular cookie lengths.

What amount of time will my affiliate account actuation take?

Your request for will be endorsed within 24 – 48 hours or sooner. In short as soon as possible.

Is there any breaking point on the numbers of banners I can take?

There are no restrictions on the numbers of ads you can put on your site. Additionally, incorporating affiliate connects to the substance will enable you to drive more income and deals.

Do you trust that social media can be utilized to advance affiliate offers? Assuming this is the case, how?

No ifs and or buts. I’ve seen some awesome outcomes with Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter for working up specialty locales that individuals are extremely intrigued. You would be astounded at what number of individuals will re-tweet articles they are occupied with, and readily contribute to your blog input.

Do I need to pay a commission if a client restores the item?

Prior to the crusade begins, it’s prudent to concede to the terms concerning disposed of exchanges. Fundamentally, an exchange can be disposed of if items are sent back or they haven’t been paid for. It is likewise, in fact, conceivable to amend the business commission by lessening the piece of returned merchandise from it. For instance, fast in and out advance advertisers can make a concurrence with distributors that they just get paid for acknowledged credits, not advance applications.

Is there a cost related to agreeing to accept an affiliate program?

There is no cost for joining as an affiliate. Additionally, you can join the same number of dealer programs as you might want over any affiliate arrange at no cost.

Do you utilize pre-offer/audit pages while advancing affiliate offers, or do you send the movement specifically to the business page of the dealer?

We generally send the movement from our locales. I don’t think affiliates are conveying an incentive to the table in the event that they’re intimating themselves into a scan from a buyer for an item or administration.


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